Who Will Visit

If you are a visitor at the AEES, you will have chance to meet and talk in person with VIP clients with decision-making authority and purchasing power in the industry. The visitors of the AEES are composed of the following:

  • End enterprise users

  • Research and development staff

  • Administrative officials

  • Media

  • Retailers, commercial agents, and chain stores

  • Colleges and universities, social institutes and organizations

  • Since AEES is an industrial professional exhibition, please log on our website for entrance tickets or register on site with your name card.

    Visitor Organizing

    The Organizing Committee will publicize AEES actively through several channels including sending mail, launching advertisement campaign, organizing strategic cooperation, publishing on-line advertisements, and calling target visitors, so as to promote the event and finally the rapid development of the industry. The Organizing Committee will also cooperate with colleges and universities, local communities and dozens of social organizations in Shanghai to attract more visitors. For the first time in its history, the committee will organize a lucky draw activity during the weekend and it is estimated that the total visitors will reach 60,000.
    We will send invitations, tickets, and materials on the prospect of the exhibition to 35,000 target visitors.

    We plan to publish 50 advertisements on specialized magazines and journals in electronic information industry, whose total circulation reaches more than 900,000 readers.

    In order to attract more potential clients, we cooperate with following special organizations:

    Special industrial and trade associations in electronic information industry: China Mobile Communications Association(CMCA), China Electronic Chamber of Commerce (CECC), China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC), China Electronic Components Association (CECA).
    Magazine and periodicals in electronics, information and economy: China Electronics News, China Information World, Economic Daily.
    Millions of readers will get information about the exhibition from Internet or emails.

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