Categories of Exhibits

Consumption Electronic Products   Commercial and Industrial Electronic Products
Home Entertainment
Digital televisions, liquid crystal device (LCD) and plasma display panel (PDP) televisions, set-top boxes (STB), hard disk (HD) products, home servers, digital videocassette recorders (VCR), DVD products, home theater systems, digital audio products, game platforms and other related products

Automobile Electronic Products
Auto navigation systems, auto-mounted computers, intelligent transportation system (ITS) terminals, auto audio products and other related products

Personal Computers (PC) and
Personal Information Products
PCs, personal data assistants (PDA), mobile information terminals, cellular phones, dedicated Internet terminals, dedicated email terminals, memory audio players, digital still cameras, PC peripheral equipments (printer, scanner, etc.), Bluetooth products, home networks, memory/IC cards, memory media, memory equipments, and other accessories and related products

Network Computing Products

Servers, workstation, client terminals, monitors, digital office automation (OA) peripheral equipments, local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) equipments, Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) equipments, telecommunication terminals, computer telephony integration (CTI) systems, network connection equipments, telecommunication equipments and other related products
  Electronic Devices
Central processing units (CPU), large-scale integrated circuits (LSI), memory devices, integrated circuits (IC), semiconductor devices, photoelectric devices, electronic tubes, modules, electronic displays and other related products

Electronic Components

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)/noise-reduction equipments, surface mount devices (SMD), low noise block (LNB) components, crystal voltage controlled oscillators (VCO), temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO), filters, optical pickup modules, magneto resistive (MR) heads and other circuit components, functional components, structural components, power supply components, high-frequency components, transducers, batteries, materials, tools and other related products

Communication Equipments

Wireless equipments/systems, satellite communication equipments/systems, connecting equipments, digital data switching equipments, digital transmission equipments, measuring instruments and other related products


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